LOCAL AND NETWORK CONTENT -  Nantucket • Martha's Vineyard • Aspen • Telluride • Vail • Sun Valley/Ketchum • Miami Beach and a growing network.

Founded by the visionary juice mogul behind Nantucket Nectars, and with investors like Jimmy Buffet and MTV founder Tom Freston, PLUM TV launched local TV stations in high profile resorts.  Island and mountain lifestyle programming at it's best.  As director of shared content I worked with all the markets, developing "network" content that all the stations shared.  I also developed and launched PLUM's VOD content with Comcast Cable, taking PLUM's network shows to over 4 million households nationwide.


Each PLUM TV station produced a live 2-hour morning show that attracted the shakers, movers and characters of each unique market,  including notable celebrities.  We also featured politicians, artists, chefs, writers, business owners and the colorful characters the make unique resort towns special.  

On assignment, I launched PLUM's station in Sun Valley/Ketchum.  As general manager, I developed all the programming and directed the live morning show for six months while training the new staff.  

One of my proudest moments in television was helping Sun Valley and Ketchum during one of the nation's biggest forest fires.   I dropped most regular programming and aired live reports on the fire - all while my staff and I had been evacuated from our homes.  



PLUM TV'S markets, like Aspen, Nantucket, Miami Beach, etc. are cultural meccas.  They are centers of art, music, food as well as island and mountain sports.  We covered the FOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL in Aspen, the HAMPTONS FILM FESTIVAL and similar events in all PLUM's markets.

ABOVE: Samples of content I produced:  Mountain Climb Race -- Forest Fire Coverage -- Art Center Profile --  Wellness Festival -- Sothey's Art Auction.